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Our dog Jack was attacked

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For those who haven’t heard the awful news, my husband, our greyhounds and I were attacked by two pit bulls on Tuesday June 21, 2016. We humans and younger Guinevere were unharmed, but my beloved big dog Jack was injured badly. He had multiple bite wounds that required surgery, and his back was injured somehow which prevented him from using his legs. He was hospitalized for 11 days, and could not stand up on his own even with assistance until day 9. I have created a page where those who are interested can follow his progress.


The bills are piling up. As of yesterday 7/22/16, Jack’s vet bills were just under $10,000.00. We ran up a huge debt on a credit card to pay the veterinary clinic where Jack stayed for so long, and we are trying to keep the card paid down enough to continue to pay for things he needs as he recovers from this.



Many people have offered to donate items for an auction, or money to a crowd-funding account to help us with the bills. My husband Wayne and I are grateful for all the offers, but we have hired an attorney to help us recover those vet bills. We just can’t accept crowd funding right now to prevent it from muddying the legal waters.



What you can do if you’d like to help, is to buy some jewelry. I “am” Feathered Gems Jewelry. I make and cast sterling silver and bronze charms. My specialty is greyhound jewelry, but I also have dog, cat, parrot, and horse charms, as well as crosses and some other religious symbols. I haven’t got every design I make online yet but that’s my plan for the immediate future. For the first few weeks after Jack came home I was unable to leave the room he was in for more than a minute, for fear that he would try to stand up unassisted and hurt himself falling down. Now that he’s a bit more stable, I can get some work done again. I also have a lot of personal greyhound “knick-knacks” from my own collection that I will be listing as well.



I have a shop on Zibbet (Zibbet is similar to Etsy only more ethical). It will be much easier for me to do this through my shop rather than trying to hold a “flash sale” through Facebook. It will also be easier for those who want to help us because my Zibbet shop offers the ability to pay instantly with Paypal. The proceeds from all sales will go to pay down Jack’s vet bills until this is settled by the legal system.



The link to the Zibbet shop is



If you are making a purchase to help Jack, please add a note in the note field when you pay so I know who you are. 🙂 Thank you in advance, and no matter what else you do, please keep that healing white light shining on my big red dog. <3 <3

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